High Fidelity Story Telling

DUO Strategy and Design has mastered how to capture your customers' attention and respect -- we call it High Fidelity Story Telling®.

High Fidelity Story Telling® is a way to launch fundraising campaigns and build business.  We deliver results for Sales, Marketing, Investor Relations, Human Resources, Recruitment, Supply Chain, Business Development, and Donors.

The 5 deliverables in High Fidelity Story Telling®:

1. We capture your legacy and brand story to share with your top team.

2. With your team, we bring your stories to life, with new photography, videography, and archival materials.

3. We plan and execute an exhibition with images and video, with dates for your specific audiences.

4. We develop a memento to gift as a printed record of your story, an unforgettable magazine, a story book, or another significant reminder of who they know you to be.

5. We include all materials: photos, stories, and video into your web site and intranet.

High Fidelity Story Telling® reinvigorates your brand, strengthening connections with stakeholders by renewing understanding and belief in your company.  Your own creative team capture customers’ attention with witty graphics and smart and sassy creative pieces, but stories go beyond this.  

Stories inspire loyalty beyond reason:

Imagine the effect if you use a modest budget to employ High Fidelity Story Telling® in your organization:

- Employees choose you.
- Suppliers feel compelled to bring you ideas and methods.
- Your teams make new decisions.
- Investors or donors feel connected emotionally.

Build your brand and reputation with High Fidelity Story Telling® for your great stories - why you are, who you are - what you promise. 

Be unforgettable. 

Let's journey together.

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